JROTC cadets part of D-Day Ceremony


Tunstall High School in Virginia proudly provided the color guard in original World War II uniforms at the “Final Salute” ceremony in Bedford on Thursday, in remembrance of D-Day. Army Junior ROTC cadets and the school’s Civil Air Patrol cadet squadron comprised the color guard.

All of the cadets understood the importance of being afforded the opportunity to participate in the event, as each recognized meaningful family significance.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Rorer Payne’s grandfather was a recipient of the Silver Star as a member of the 33rd Division, where he was located during World War II. Cadet Staff Sergeant Jesse Brooks’ grandfather was involved in the 82nd Airborne Division and his mother and father are veterans of the Marine Corps.

The cadets presented the colors and provided the escort for U.S. Vice President Mike Pence prior to his speech at the ceremony. Cadet Rorer Payne, who was in charge of commanding the color guard, accompanied the Vice President to the podium. Other cadets flanked him while giving his speech with the National Colors and the Vice President’s Flag.

Each cadet received a Vice Presidential Coin, following the tradition of services.

See original article in Chatham Star Tribune


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