ROTC Cadets Recognized


ROTC cadets Theo Vance and Michelle Dobler were two of the 33 cadets of UC Santa Barbara’s Surfrider Battalion who were recognized at its annual awards ceremony.

Vance and Dobler, both fourth-year cadets, were chosen as ROTC Distinguished Military Graduates. They were both in the top 20% of more than 5,000 cadets entering the Army.

The awards ceremony celebrated cadets at all levels in the program. The Alex Newsom Leadership Award was presented to Thomas Canchola, a fourth-year cadet “who has displayed the highest standards of the Surfrider Battalion.”

In a ceremony on Friday, June 14, the battalion will appoint 10 cadets as 2nd lieutenants in the U.S. Army at Goleta Beach Park. The event is open to the public and is free of charge. Another cadet will be commissioned in September.

The Surfrider Battalion was formed in 1947 at the Santa Barbara College of the University of California at Santa Barbara, prior to the official founding of the university’s current campus. It is the oldest organization at UCSB.

See the original article in UC Santa Barbara News


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