Sim Centers Prepare Graduates for Lucrative Careers


A unique experience at Texas A&M Maritime Academy in Galveston offers students the opportunity to train aboard ship simulators. They offer realistic experiences from the bridges of massive ships as they sail through a variety of weather conditions and into many different ports.

Students earn bachelor’s degrees and Third Mate (or Third Assistant Engineer) licenses from the U.S. Coast Guard, allowing them to embark on careers that pay close to $100,000 annually as recent graduates. In addition, they get to see the world.

Simulators like the ones at The Texas A&M Maritime Academy are valuable and make sense financially, since it would not be practical to take a training ship out on the water whenever a student wanted to gain experience in docking, navigating through inclement weather, or resupplying an oil rig.

Students can explore different ports including: Hong Kong, New Orleans, Houston/Galveston, Corpus Christi, San Francisco, Sydney and the Straights of Gibraltar.

Maritime Academy students must complete 225 hours of simulation before they graduate.

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