The Fast Track to Becoming a Second Lieutenant – Early Commissioning Program


Young cadets have a unique opportunity at Military Junior Colleges. The Early Commissioning Program (ECP), allows cadets to be placed on an accelerated path to becoming commissioned officers in the United States Army.

The program provides cadets with the opportunity to be commissioned as second lieutenants in half the time. Some schools also pay 100 percent of participating cadets’ tuition, room and board. Upon completion of the two-year program and earning their associate degree, ECP second lieutenants move on to a four-year school while simultaneously serving in the Army National Guard or U.S. Army Reserves. After earning their bachelor’s degree, officers are able to choose whether or not they will continue to serve in the National Guard or Reserves, or they may change to active duty.

Since the program is academically and physically rigorous, focus and determination are must have qualities of cadets joining the Early Commissioning Program, which is designed to determine students’ skills and dedication.

While enrolled in the program, cadets can also benefit from scholarships, technical training, access military events, to name a few.

Georgia Military College, Marion Military Institute, New Mexico Military Institute and Valley Forge Military Academy and College are institutions offering ECP.

See the original article in Citizen Soldier Magazine


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