USMMA midshipman receives Merchant Marine Medal


A U.S. Merchant Marine Academy midshipman, Andrew Bouchot of Castle Pines, Colo., was awarded the Merchant Marine Medal for Outstanding Achievement for his heroism in saving a stowaway’s life during his Academy Sea Year Training.

Rear Admiral Mark Buzby, USN (Retired) of the federal Maritime Administration had the honor to award Bouchot a medal.

In December 2017, Midshipman Bouchot, assigned as an engine cadet, was sailing on a vessel when, shortly after departing Lagos, Nigeria, he found three stowaways. One was severely dehydrated. Midshipman Bouchot, who is a certified EMT of New York State, did not delay in providing medical attention to each of the three men. Midshipman Bouchot continued to monitor and treat each man individually, one who was close to falling into a coma, rehydrating him, which allowed him to eventually have a full recovery.

The USMMA is located in Kings Point, N.Y. A distinguishing feature is that its training, mandated by Congress, occurs on vessels for a complete twelve months. Sea Year is a real life ship experience.

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